Free Download English Book "A Ten Year Framework for Afghanistan" By Ashraf Ghani

Book Name: A Ten Year Framework for Afghanistan
Executing the Obama Plan and Beyond....

A Report by the Atlantic Council

By: Ashraf Ghani

April 2009

The Obama administration’s new strategy for Afghanistan and Pakistan presented Afghanistan and 
the region with renewed opportunities for success . The rapid deterioration of security and governance in Afghanistan will force the United States and its allies to focus on urgent and immediate 
steps to help bring about rapid progress to war-weary publics, particularly before the August 2009 
presidential elections in Afghanistan .
However, short-term policies and actions will not be enough to achieve the goals of a self-sustaining, effective, and accountable Afghan government . This report makes the case that for the Obama 
administration to translate its defined goals and strategy for Afghanistan into achievements on the 
ground, it must adopt a broad, medium-term framework that responds to the needs and aspirations 
of the Afghan people .
By diagnosing the threats and opportunities that face Afghanistan and offering a coherent approach to state-building, this report offers an excellent guide for building on the new U .S . strategy 
and creating a functional state accountable to the needs of its people . It points essentially toward 
an implementation strategy for the Obama administration, if it is to have longer term success .
This report is the product of the diligent efforts of Dr . Ashraf Ghani, former Afghan Minister of 
Finance and Chairman (on leave) of the Institute for State Effectiveness . The Atlantic Council 
has profited enormously from Dr. Ghani’s energies and brilliant insights as a member of both 
its International Advisory Board and the Program on International Security’s Strategic Advisors 
Group (SAG) . The Atlantic Council is grateful for Dr . Ghani’s efforts in drafting this report and 
recognizes the important contributions by his aide Blair Glencorse .
With its important implications for the NATO Alliance and the broader South Asia region, this 
publication is a joint effort between the SAG and the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center . The 
Council wishes to recognize Franklin D . Kramer and Julian Lindley-French for their important 
contributions to the draft as members of the SAG, Shuja Nawaz for his oversight of the project effort as Director of the South Asia Center, and Assistant Director Jeffrey Lightfoot for coordinating 
the effort 


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